WVBHAD Meeting 9/26/17

Attendees: Marsha Mattingly, George Evans, Jenny Cross, Deborah Barnes, and Kendra Zamora

Call to order: Meeting was called to order by Board president, Marsha Mattingly

Approval of Minutes: Quorum was established and previous meeting minutes were presented and move to accept was made by George Evans. Seconded by Deborah Barnes and approved.

Consideration of Complaint 17-01: Copy of refund was given to board and considered. George Evans moved to close complaint . Seconded by Deborah Barnes and approved.

Financial Report: Cash on hand: $33, 969.81
Annual Budget: $43,129.00
Total Revenue: $13,700.00

Motion to approve financial report made by George Evans, seconded by Jenny Cross and approved.

Discussion of Complaint 18-01, waiting for dealer to make needed changes to NPI classification.

Trainee Permit: extension granted for a trainee for additional year. Decision to allow trainees to renew permits for one additional year to allow ample time for studying and retaking tests.

New Website info: permission granted to Kendra to proceed with Web-Design-Shop to create website at a cost of $1500 development and $25 per month maintenance.

Passing ILE Exams- George Evans made motion to go with the ILE PASS/FAIL, Marsha Mattingly seconded and approve.

Practical and Law testing dates: Licensed dispensers from other states will have to take the practical and law test. IHS practical exam will be discussed at the next meeting, after receiving the information from IHS.

Board replacement for George Evans- George will write and submit resignation letter.

Next Meeting: Friday Nov 3, 2017 at 1pm

Motion to adjourn made by George Evans, approved by all.