179 Summers St, Suite 509, Charleston WV

Attendees: Kendra Zamora, Jenny Cross, Deborah Barnes, and Marsha Mattingly

Call to Order: Meeting called to order by Marsha Mattingly

Approval of Minutes: Previous minutes were presented and move to accept was made by Jenny Cross. Second by Marsha Mattingly and approved.

Discussion of DHHR: Kendra has Oasis training and is prepared to move forward with the move from DHHR. Deborah Barnes will speak with Clark Barnes, president of WV Hearing Society and previous State Senator, to see if he can provide any insight on how to deactivate our alliance with the DHHR and be set up as an independent board.

Financial Report:    Cash on hand

Annual Budget

Invoices paid to date

Amount owed to G.Evans for testing

Amount owed to Board for travel

Total Revenue

Financial Report was presented by Kendra and was approved unanimously-motion to approve made by Deborah Barnes and Seconded by Jenny Cross.

New Business: Testing process and procedures. The ILE will be our accepted hearing aid dispenser test. The Law and the Practicum Exams will be administered locally by our board. Also have two reciprocal ILE takers who need to do practicum and law for WV. The WV exams will be given on Friday, February 3, 2017 at 1:00 in our Charleston office. Motion to accept testing procedures and date was made by Deborah Barnes and Seconded by Marsha Mattingly.

Tru Hearing: Jason Kaposy sent a question regarding if we were able to regulate Tru Hearing (managed care) in the state of WV. We cannot regulate as long as they have authority to work in WV.

George Evans questioned a request to license someone with a felony conviction. General consensus was that we could not due to liability issues.

Next meeting set for a conference call on Monday, January 9, 2017 at noon.

Meeting adjourned with unanimous support- motion made by Deborah Barnes and seconded by Marhsa Mattingly.