WVBHAD Meeting 6/22/18

10am at 179 Summers St Suite 509

Attendees: Jenny Cross, Jason Kaposy, Deborah Barnes and Kendra Zamora

Call to Order: Made by Deborah Barnes

Approval of Minutes: Quorum was established and previous minutes were presented and move to accept was made by Jason Kaposy. Second by Deborah Barnes and approved.

Financial Report: Presented by Kendra Zamora ,motion was made by Deborah Barnes to approve. Second by Jason Kaposy.

Old Business:

Complaint 18-01- Rebecca Higgins has changed her taxonomy code from “Audiologist” to “Hearing Aid Dispenser”. Motion made to close complaint made by Deborah Barnes, second by Jenny Cross.

New Business:

Discussion of insurance programs

Legislative updates

Personnel Matters: Motion was made by Deborah Barnes to submit raise for Kendra from $12/hr to $14/hr. Effective August 2018. Second by Jason Kaposy.

Board granted permission for Kendra to acquire a monthly parking space, when one would become available.

Remainder of meeting used to prepare for administering the practical examination beginning at 1pm.

Next Meeting: November 30, 2018 at 11am via conference call

Motion to adjourn made by Jenny Cross. Seconded by everyone.