WVBHAD Meeting 1/9/17

WV Board of Hearing Aid Dealers

Conference Call

January 9, 2017 at 12pm 

Attendees: Marsha Mattingly, George Evans, Deborah Barnes, and Kendra Zamora

Meeting was called to order by board president, Marsha Mattingly. Quorum was established.

Motion to approve last meeting Minutes made by Deborah Barnes and seconded by George Evans

Consideration of instituting fees for testing and retesting:  Currently there is an application fee, but not a testing fee. Motion was made by Marsha Mattingly and seconded by George Evans to adopt the following schedule:

Practicum      $150.00

Retest                 75.00

WV Law test   $50.00

Retest                50.00

Motion was passed with unanimous vote.

Discussion regarding how to receive and provide requests for information and what, if any, charge should be incurred. A motion was made that all requests for information would be made to the Board office in writing and all information provided by Board office would be in written form. A charge of up to $150 may be charged for providing requested information, dependent on  nature of request. Special requests, such as special format for information, may be subject to additional charges. Motion was made by George Evans and seconded by Marsha Mattingly.

Review of previous decision to administer tests at our Board office. Next test is scheduled for Friday, February 3, 2017.

Discussion of what could or could not be provided to requestors of info and determination was made to check higher authority to determine types of information that could be provided without written consent of affected individual.

Meeting was adjourned with motion made by Deborah Barnes,seconded by George Evans.